About Us

ICC School is Islam in an inclusive and cheerful school. We are very proud of our children’s caring behavior and attitude. The respect and kindness they demonstrate daily to each other and everyone around them is wonderful to see. We are proud of the progress they make with their learning and the enthusiastic way they approach their lessons.

We have up to 25 children in each year group from Early Education through Eighth Grade.

Our parents are supportive and very keen for their children to do well. Our children go on to local prestigious secondary schools, and perform admirably. We are often reminded by secondary school personnel how pleased they are to have accepted children from our school.

ICC School is an excellent option for families seeking an authentic American Educational experience. Our vision is for all young people to experience that learning has lasting value beyond their life at school. We do this by educating the whole child, not just academically but socially, emotionally, physically and civically. Our students are learning to become future entrepreneurs and career-minded individuals who will positively contribute their skills and talents to the United States and the world at large.

At  the Islamic Cultural Center School (ICCS) we teach the five ways to get smart about the Quran.

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